The beloved of Men and Women has been elected ‘the most beautiful in Italy 2022’: it is him!

The beloved of Men and Women has been elected ‘the most beautiful in Italy 2022’: it is he, one of the most appreciated former suitors by the public.

Are you ready for the great return of Men and women? The transmission of Maria De Filippi will restart at the usual time from Monday 19 September: new tronists, new outsiders and new acquaintances. Waiting to find out everything, we will tell you some wonderful news regarding one of the protagonists of last season.

Men and Women (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

A former suitor of the Classical throne was elected the most beautiful of Italy 2022, in the competition held in Liguria a few days ago. A great emotion for the former face of Canale 5, who expressed his joy in a post on Instagram. Where he showed himself with the crown and the conquered sash: let’s find out together who it is.

‘The most beautiful in Italy 2022’ is a former suitor of men and women

“A beautiful experience, a unique emotion. I dedicate this victory to my family, who have always supported me in all the choices I have made up to now ”. These are the words that Alessandro Verdolini attached to her latest shot on Instagram. Shot in which he shows himself with the band of the ‘most beautiful in Italy 2022’. To win the title this year was precisely the Marche, that the audience of Canale 5 learned about a few months ago in Men and Women.

It was he himself the ‘rival’ suitor of Ciprian, during the journey on the throne of Andrea Nicole. The latter, however, chose Ciprian, preferring him to Alexander. A choice that made many viewers happy, but, as always happens, made many others sad, fond of the suitor. Now Alessandro’s fans can rejoice: a great satisfaction for him! It was just right the 28 year old from the Marches to win the national kermesse dedicated to male beauty, which was held again in Alassio, after 27 years: choosing the winner was an all-female jury.

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Alessandro Verdolini (Credits Instagram)

We just have to send our warmest congratulations to Alessandro for this important milestone.

Men and women, the former suitors on the throne

And speaking of former suitors, this year there will be three of them on the throne. There will be Federica Aversano, former suitor of Matteo Ranieri: in the summer there was talk of a return as lady of the Over throne, but her place will be the red chair. Federico Dainese will also return to the studio, who instead courted Veronica Rimondi: the latter then chose Matteo Farnea, with whom she is happily engaged. Finally, we will see Lavinia Mauro on the throne, who was at Men and Women in 2018: she was among the suitors of Nicolò Brigante, but her path did not last long. They will be joined by another Federico, an aeronautical engineer originally from Rome. Can’t you wait to meet them too?