The best memes left by Benjamín Vicuña’s unexpected speech at the Martin Fierro

The actor Benjamin Vicuna 44 years old is one of the most popular artists in the entire region. In addition, the former pampita He is very active on social networks where he accumulates almost three million followers from all latitudes who are aware of his movements and publications.

Last night Benjamin Vicuna He lived a night of many emotions during the Martin Fierro award gala that is given every year in Argentina to the most outstanding artists and productions of local fiction. There, the series ‘The first of us’ that the Chilean starred in last year won several statuettes.

For his part, Benjamin Vicuna he won the shortlist for best actor for the series ‘The First of Us’ and when he took the stage to thank the award, he surprised with an emotional speech and said that Argentina “received me, gave me a place, gave me wonderful children, gave me gave a love… He gave me so many things”.

Then Benjamin Vicuna changed the subject but the cameras of the official transmission of the Martin Fierro awards ceremony captured pampita with a huge smile on his face as the actor pronounced these words, but next to her was her current husband and father of her youngest daughter Ana, Roberto García Moritán, who merely applauded.

This topic was immediately transferred to social networks where it became a topic of conversation and Internet users did not take long to make memes with the face of Roberto García Moritán while Benjamin Vicuna sent a heartfelt message to his and the mother of his 4 children, Pampita.