The best strategies for generating leads in B2B

Yourbiz, a Demand Generation agency, reveals which are the activities that generate the most contacts in target for companies working in B2B.

In collaboration with Yourbiz

In a new customer acquisition strategy it is important to identify the channels that generate a good number of leads, which are also in target and consistent with the profile of the ideal customer. These are fundamental requirements, otherwise the commercials will sell with much more difficulty (or will not sell at all).

Which strategies should you invest in to acquire quality leads with a good return on investment? Let’s take a look at Yourbiz’s point of view, an agency that has been working alongside B2B companies for 20 years.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

On the first page alone, the top five organic results account for 67.60% of all clicks.

Being on the first page of Google search results (ahead of your competitors, even better) is the desire of any company with a website. To achieve this, you need to set up an SEO strategy.

This is theoptimization of the performance of the site and its textual contentwhich must be of a high quality level both according to the logic of search engines, and according to the level of information that a potential customer expects to obtain.

This is a technique that Google values ​​very positively, if carried out carefully following the guidelines of Google itself: if your site is considered as excellent, it will be rewarded with a positioning at the top of the search results.

Content marketing

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates 3 times more leads.

Among the best activities to generate leads we certainly find content marketing, a technique that has the purpose of generate valuable content and attract a well-defined target.

It includes activities such as inbound marketing, the SEO mentioned above, but also the placing online of ebooks, videos and landing pages relevant to your target customer, with the aim of increasing traffic to your website and at the same time attracting the attention of new users.

PPC campaigns

People are four times more likely to click on Google ads (63%) than any other ad network.

Pay Per Click advertising is a type of digital marketing strategy through which advertisers pay a certain amount for each click made by a user on their ad.

Advertising on Google offers several advantages:

  • all ads are highly customizable in terms of formats, contents, graphics, calls to action, so as to enrich advertising and make it more attractive on Google in the eyes of your target;
  • the results can be found in times
    shortin fact the action of Google Ads is faster than other strategies (unlike – for example – SEO which, depending on the type of website and the market, can take several months of work before receiving the first conversions) ;
  • PPC ads can be local but also internationalbecoming visible in every part of the world.

Digitization of trade fairs

Combining digital marketing with the offline experience of the event increases the return on investment.

On balance, a digital lead generation strategy requires less investment and collects a greater number of new contacts than attending trade fairs (which require several thousand euros for a few days).

The fairs, however, are still very important for B2B companieswho consider these fundamental opportunities to underline their presence in the sector.

For this reason, techniques have been devised that can increase the return on investment in face-to-face events. The secret lies in combining digital marketing with the offline experience of the event:

  • before the fair for attract or warm contacts already in your database;
  • during for keep the memory of the appointment alive in the potential customer;
  • after the fair for quickly convert the potential customer into an actual customer.

By coordinating everything with a CRM you can manage promotional activities, make a more timely follow-up, monitor the interest of your contacts and, finally, accurately calculate the return on investment.

For more ideas on how to set up or improve your lead acquisition strategy, read Yourbiz’s guide to B2B Lead Generation.