The bet Schlein at the helm of the Democratic Party

“Now we change”. From the party, to the team, to alliances, the challenges of the new secretary

The card taken only a few weeks ago where the Communist Party was archived. Of Bolognina, before and after, Elly Schlein lived nothing, she who was four years old at the time, and for a tour of history in that district of Bologna she signed up. Now that leader-eating corpulent leads him. A secretary, a young woman, who won, as she said, building a bridge between inside and outside. And which is now a bet, a challenge that she knows is of great unknown. Starting with the travel companions that he will choose. Scrolling through the lists for the composition of the party assembly, the names chosen by the new secretary number 67 women, and many young people, who are 20 years old.

A thin line to walk on

“Either the Democratic Party changes or it’s over” she repeated crossing the country: the ruling class and selection method, competence and non-loyalty, she claimed that the Democratic Party wanted to occupy it, and she climbed it, which was the most voted in Emilia -Romagna in the last regionals of 2020, then deputy of that Bonaccini who has now challenged and beaten. Despite the predictions, despite as the critics said, a large part of the management team of recent years has sided with her, from Franceschini to Zingaretti, from Orlando to Francesco Boccia, to Luigi Bersani himself. It was one of Bonaccini’s refrains. Who has been heard to answer curtly: it’s a sexist statement, if a woman makes her way she must always be someone else’s tool. Keeping everything together, inside and out, welcoming without losing fellow travelers the thin line on which you, like every dem secretary, will have to walk.

The theme of alliances

“I survived because I was free.” Staying that way will be one of the challenges. The other is called alliances. Described as more open to the Movement, she will be lucky enough not to have to face the choice immediately: at the European Championships in 2024, the proportional will be the thermometer of the Schlein-branded Democratic Party, with a proportional law that allows for solo racing. But the relationship with Conte who in recent months has attracted voters and posture on the left, everything still seems to be built with a party, which Elly has always said, must go back to being on the left. Ecologist and feminist moreover

And the role with the union

No less easy is the one with the third pole. Calenda has already opened the doors to reformists in the belief that they will not want to be part of the new dem course. And in common with Renzi Schlein seems to have the ability to attract votes not only from the Democratic Party, but nothing else. She left the dem precisely because of that Renzian course made up of the abolition of article 18 and good schooling. And she took to the streets with the CGIL. This too is a union, with which relations have frayed and that a secretary who does work, which is not only precarious and is paid with dignity, a priority will have to deal with.