The Big Bang Theory, a TV series based on his universe is coming

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Max, the new HBO Max-Discovery+ service, is teaming up again with the creator of the Big Bang Theory Chuck Lorre for a new series set in the same world as the CBS hit. THE plot details they are kept hidden for what would be the second spin-off series of the beloved The Big Bang Theory. The prequel series Young Sheldon, currently airing for season 6 on CBS, it was the first. The original series, created by Lorre and Bill Prady, ran for 12 seasons worldwide. 2007 release ended in 2019 after 279 episodes and Emmy nominated star Jim Parsonswhich he played Sheldon Cooper, he was ultimately responsible for the ending after he decided to walk away from the series. In fact, Lorre has always been adamant that he would only continue the series if the entire cast agreed to move forward.

Expand The Big Bang Theory

Chuck Lorre it’s always been open about the reasons for expanding the franchise Of The Big Bang Theory beyond Young Sheldon. “Actually, the reason for a spin-off is cheap, and that’s not a good reason to do a series in my opinion,” Lorre said in a wide-ranging interview tied to his 2019 THR Producer of the Year award. do a series because you have something you really love to tell and you want to do it. The market follows the passion. If you start from that… well, become an executive of a television network”.

The future of The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory it ended with Leonard (Galecki) and Penny (Cuoco) expecting their first child. That notion naturally sparked talk of a spinoff that could follow the married couple on their journey to parenthood. “(Laughing.) “It seems to me that these seven characters share seven different areas of the same brain. We split them into every single different division possible and it all works out. There are no two that don’t work together. I don’t think it would be a disaster, but it wouldn’t be The Big Bang TheoryGalecki told THR when asked what he thought of a Leonard and Penny spinoff. Cuoco added: “Uhhh, no! But if Chuck asked me I’d take it very seriously because I don’t say no to Chuck! … I think they will be great parents. They have waited so many years and are so fun and accommodating. Gold Penny is really an easygoing fellow! I think they would make lovely parents. I can only imagine.”