The big one was left: The scandal of Maite Orsini and Jorge Valdivia after calling the Carabineros is complicated

The meeting held between the former national team Jorge Valdivia and three Carabineros generals from the Metropolitan region, following a call from the deputy maite orsini (RD) to the general Karina Soza, director of Human Rights and Protection of the Carabineros Family, has generated great discomfort within the police institution and strong criticism in the political sphere.

The situation originated in January, when Valdivia was detained by a uniformed police patrol for a traffic violation in the Vitacura commune and congresswoman Orsini mediated to intercede on his behalf.

As indicated BioBio the existence of the meeting between Valdivia and the generals jean camushead of the Santiago Este area; Carlos Gonzalez, head of the Metropolitan area; and Marcelo Lepinchief of the Santiago Oeste zone, was organized by instruction of the deputy General Director, Marcelo Araya.

Given this, numerous voices within the Carabineros expressed indignation, stating that this type of practice is contrary to the principles and discipline of the institution. Some officers even pointed out that General Karina Soza is perceived as a political actor rather than a police officer, which would explain her attention to the complaints of Deputy Orsini.

As recently indicated by a Interference report a Carabineros officer brandished: “If it is a matter of attending to all those who disagree with the police acts or procedures, it is fine, but it has never been seen that three generals meet with a claimant.

Annoyance by Carabineros

The situation caused discomfort in the police ranks, since many policemen have requested an audience with generals and have not been attended to, while in this case a footballer was received immediately.

This fact has generated the loss of confidence of the street police in their high command, who hope that solutions will be found in these cases so as not to lose credibility with the public.

Despite the fact that the Carabineros publicly recognized the meeting between the generals and Jorge Valdivia, the criticism against the high command has not ceased and various petitions have been generated to request the early retirement of the three generals who participated in the conversation with Valdivia, and General Soza for giving rise to this type of influence and practice.