"The Botota circus comes to an end": The emphatic response of those accused of attacking Botota Fox

Last Monday, January 31, Stephanie Fox, better known as the bootdenounced having suffered attacks in the circus Banana Show Tentwhere he worked for a long time. The circus owners responded with a statement to give their version of events.

The Carp Banana Show version

According to the statement issued by the owners of the circus Banana Show Tent, The boot He entered one of the circus booths after a show in the early morning of January 29. Due to his drug and alcohol excesses, he began to insult the circus owner, Victor Villagrain the presence of children.

The circus owners affirm that La Botota also used violence and that the circus administrator, Daniela VillagraHe responded with a single punch to try to calm her down. According to her statement, La Botota left the circus throwing stones at cars and attacking anyone who came across her.

“As a circus, we do not endorse violence except towards a woman who only acted in defense of what happened”indicated the owners of the circus.


As a result of the bickering, the “Botota and her friends Show” was permanently suspended. In addition, the circus owners stated that “José Miguel Navarrete is lost in drugs” and that “The circus of La Botota comes to an end”.

So far, La Botota has not responded again and her colleagues from the show have not referred to the issue on their respective social networks.