The brilliant friend 3, previews of the second episode 13 February: twist for Elena, what will happen

Sunday 13 February 2022 the second episode of “The brilliant friend” 3 will be broadcast, here are the previews: there will be a twist for Elena

The hugely popular television series is back on the air with the third season. The first episode was broadcast this evening on Rai 1. Now viewers are anxious about the second episode, which will also be broadcast next Sunday on Rai. In this article we reveal some previews on the next two episodes.

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The previews of the second episode of The brilliant friend 3: this is what will happen in the next episodes (Source: Instagram)

The brilliant friend 3, previews second episode: what will happen

The brilliant friend is an Italian-American television series created by Saverio Costanzo and produced by Wildside, Fandango and The Apartment with Umedia and Mowe for Rai Fiction, HBO and TIMvision. It is a transposition of the homonymous series of novels by Elena Ferrante. After the extraordinary success achieved in Italy, the series is also distributed abroad by Fremantle in subtitled version and with the title “My Brilliant” Friend in English-speaking countries.

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The television series revolves around the special bond it unites Elena Grecosaid LenùAnd Raffaella Cerullosaid Lila, two girls of the fifties who grow up in a district of Naples. The series is now in its third season, consisting of eight episodes and based on “History of those who flee and those who remain“. The broadcast in Italy began today, Sunday 6 February 2022, in prime time on Rai 1. The fourth and final season is also in pre-production, taken from the latest book of tetralogy, “History of the Lost Child”.

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Sunday 13 February 2022 two new episodes of the third season of “The brilliant friend” will be broadcast. The third and fourth episodes are titled “The Cure” and “The Cold War” respectively. Below we reveal some advances.


In the third episode, Lila will continue to feel bad because she is exhausted from her job at the Soccavo company. Elena therefore decides to help her, turning to her in-laws and writing an article of denunciation that could shed light on the inhuman condition of the factories. Elena manages to get the piece published on the pages of “L’Unità”. In the fourth episode, Elena and Lila will find themselves having to face the difficulties to be prescribed the birth control pill. Elena also marries Pietro. The ceremony is quite private with few guests. The location is Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.