The brilliant friend 3, the adventures of Elena and Lila are back: how many episodes are, cast, location and plot

The brilliant friend 3, the adventures of Elena and Lila return: let’s see together how many episodes are, cast, location and plot of the new season

Finally, the haunted and engaging story of Elena And Lila ofBrilliant friendbased on the novel by Elena Ferrante. Are you curious to find out everything there is to know about the new season?

The new season of The brilliant friend is coming, are you ready for the new adventure? (Source Instagram)

This story of friendship, rivalry and love has truly fascinated millions of Italians. Finally we will be able to find the beloved protagonists, Lila And Elena, grappling with the new challenges that life poses to him. The two actresses Margherita Mazzuccoin the role of ElenaAnd Gaia Girace in the role of Lila, should have been changed, given the passage of time, but it was the director and the screenwriters who asked the same actresses. Their interpretation convinced everyone right away and they will certainly be able to bring their characters, in a natural way, towards an increasingly adult age.

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A new adventure from The Brilliant Friend returns

The plot of the third season is set in the 70s and we will see the very different choices made by the two protagonists. We will see a young woman Lila struggling with a failed marriage, a small child and harsh working conditions. On the other side we will find Elena, which is slowly making its way into the more cultured and wealthy world. She published her best-selling novel about her and managed to get away from the ward that wanted her locked up in old social patterns. The relationship between the two protagonists, as always, oscillates between a visceral love and a destabilizing diversity.

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The brilliant friend 3
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In the third season we will find most of the characters and the original cast, all in the frenetic period of change of the 70s. The brilliant friend 3 we will obviously find the beautiful Naples, with its district, and Ischia. We will also see the beautiful Florence of Lenù And Milan, in which magical encounters will take place for one of the protagonists. We will be able to enjoy the brand new season starting from the end of Sanremo Festival. The first episode will air on Rai 1 Sunday 6th February. There will be 8 episodes that will be broadcast in 4 highly anticipated premieres.

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We can’t wait for it to start! And you are ready for the third season of The brilliant friend?