The brilliant friend, sweet announcement for the actress: the fans are delighted for her

The beloved actress of My Brilliant Friend left an announcement on social media that made her thousands of fans delighted: what’s about to happen.

In recent hours it has been a great success the announcement published on social media by the beloved actress of my brilliant friend. The series has had a great response from the public and is now in its fourth season. We followed the story of Elena Greco known as Lenù and Raffaella Cerullo, better known as Lila.

The actress from My Brilliant Friend left an unexpected announcement-Credits: youtube (sologossip)

They are two girls from the fifties who live in the district of Naples, where difficulties are the order of the day. Their relationship was at the center of the plot, taking place in often different environments and also bringing different social classes to the scene. Despite this distance, their bond, between ups and downs, has never been detached, untangling itself between the various stages of life.

The protagonists have been brought on stage by Gaia Girace and Margherita Mazzucco, even if, you know well that in the new season we will have the pleasure of seeing new actresses. Both are very young but despite their age they have been able to transport viewers into the events told, thanks to the great talent that has always distinguished them. And just one of the two protagonists, who in these hours, has left an announcement on her instagram channel that has made the fans very happy.

The sweet announcement from the beloved actress of my brilliant friend has arrived: fans can’t wait

After admiring her in the Rai Uno series My Brilliant Friend, we will soon see the actress again in a different role from the one previously staged. Gaia Girace has made it known of the new project that sees her as the protagonist. This time it departs from Disney + with The Good Mothers.

announcement actress of my brilliant friend
The actress gave a sweet announcement on social-Credits: instagram (sologossip)

The official release date is April 5, as she herself announced on the instagram channel. In a post you published the trailer for the new series, leaving fans speechless. The plot is about three women, known within the wealthy clans of the ‘Ndrangheta, who choose to collaborate with justice. The actress from My Brilliant Friend plays Denise Cosco but we will also have the honor of admiring the talent of Valentina Bellè who plays Giuseppina Pesce and Barbara Chiachiarelli as Anna Colace.

Of course, the cast is full of very talented actors and actresses. It is a long-awaited project and has already been presented at the 73rd edition of the Berlin International Film Festival. Gaia, it seems, is ready to show us once again her great talent as an actress, immersing herself in a character of hers that distances her for a moment from that of Lila.