The Brilliant Friend, the news that everyone was waiting for arrives: the start date has been revealed

The brilliant friend, finally arrives the news that everyone expected: revealed the starting date, how nice!

The Brilliant Friend, very famous television series based on the novel of the same name by Elena Ferrante is about to finally return to TV. Release date revealed!

Genius Friend Season 3 Start Date Revealed! (Source Instagram)

The story of the friends Lenù And Lila is about to return to the small screen after the success of the first two seasons. In this new season we will see the two protagonists struggling with adult life, between children and marriage, but without giving up the intense relationship between the two friends. The television series ofBrilliant friend was created by Saverio Costanzo, son of the well-known Maurizio Costanzo. Having achieved worldwide fame with novels, the television series has also been adapted to the American public, in fact the production is Italian-American. It has finally been revealed when we can see again grappling with life Lenù And Lila.

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The Brilliant Friend: starting date revealed!

After the two splendid seasons aired in America on the channel of HBO and in Italy on Rai 1, comes the third season which theoretically should be the penultimate. This season will cover the course of history based on the third volume History of those who flee and those who remain and apparently, it was shot between Naples and Florence, and was set in the legendary 70s. Finally we will see the protagonists, really go from girls to women, with all that that entails. The actresses Gaia Girace and Margherita Mazzucco, apparently, they will continue to play the protagonists this season as well.

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Brilliant friend start date
Source Instagram

Although at the beginning the idea was to pass the baton to more adult performers, the new director Daniele Lucchetti he decided to keep this lucky couple. The third season ofBrilliant friend will finally air starting Tuesday, February 8, 2022, in the following week after the end of Sanremo. Apparently the episodes on the air will be 8, and will be divided into 4 first evenings. Changes aside, the finale is therefore expected to air on March 1, 2022. Due to the pandemic and the actresses’ school commitments, filming has slowed down, but now everything is ready!

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We already can’t wait to see the brand new third season of theBrilliant friend.