The brutal fight of Dr. Cordero with Julio César: "Teach me to speak like a hypocritical Chilean"

the deputy Maria Luisa Cordero has been the protagonist of a tense live moment with the journalist Julio Cesar Rodriguez during an interview on the program Contigo in the morning.

The conversation focused on the comments that the legislator made about the blindness of Senator Fabiola Campillai, which has been widely criticized by society.

In the program, JC Rodríguez tried to calm the deputy down and give her the opportunity to explain her point of view calmly. However, the conversation escalated when the parliamentarian defended herself against criticism and questioned the journalist’s behavior.

At one point in the conversation, Cordero asked JC Rodríguez: “How many years did I work with you? When did you have more sponsors than when you were with Dr. Cordero with her way of being and being in the world?”. This comment was interpreted by many as a form of pressure and arrogance towards the journalist and his program.

The deputy defended her comments about Senator Campillai’s blindness, arguing that she is not blind and that she maintains vision in one eye. In addition, she criticized those who have attacked her for her statements, stating that if they were really supportive and good people, they would be happy for the improvement of a disabled person.

At another point in the conversation, Cordero recalled the episode in which Deputy Maite Orsini called her a “crazy old woman” and almost assaulted her, and criticized the hypocrisy of those who demand a standard of behavior within the Chamber of Deputies.

The tense live moment has generated a large number of reactions on social networks, where users have expressed their opinion about the deputy’s statements and her attitude during the interview. Many have questioned her ability to adequately represent the people and have demanded an apology for her comments.