The Brutalist, Adrien Brody and Felicity Jones in Brady Corbet’s film

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Adrian Brody And Felicity Jones in the movie The Brutalist for the direction of Brady corbetas revealed by Deadlines. Filming has already begun in Hungary.

the brutalistthe details of the film

The Brutalist is the new production with the two actors in the role of protagonists. The magazine has exclusively announced the launch of the project which sees Brady Corbet in the roles of director and screenwriter, in this second case alongside Mona Fastvold.

Felicity Jones and Adrien Brody are joined by a cast made up of big names in cinema: guy Pearce, Joe Alwyn, Raffey Cassidy, Isaach de Bankole, Alexander Nivola, Stacey Martin, Emma Laird, Jonathan Hyde And Peter Polycarpou. Filming began a few weeks ago Hungaryno information on end or distribution date.

As revealed by Deadlines, The Brutalist is the story of thirty years of life of an artist. Adrien Brody and Felicity Jones play the architect László Toth and his wife Erzsebet, the pair flee post-war Europe for America where a wealthy and mysterious client changes their lives.

Among the most famous films of Adrien Brody we find Midnight in Paris, Grand Budapest Hotel, Houdini and The Pianist with which he won the Oscar for Best Actor.

As for Felicity Jones, we quote Likes Crazy, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story And The theory of everything which earned her a nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the Academy Awards.