The burning house, what to know about the japanese thriller tv series

Currently, the most watched Japanese title on Netflix is Alice in Borderlands. The burning house but promises very well. Thriller series landed on the streaming platform on July 13, tells the story of Anzu Murata. And he brings his search for the truth on stage.

The burning housethe plot and the cast

Anzu, who has the face of Mei Nagano, was forced to leave her home thirteen years earlier, together with his little sister and his mother. And it is precisely the mother who is accused of having set fire to the house. But Anzu doesn’t agree: she is convinced that her seriously ill mother is innocent. Thus, she gets hired as a housekeeper in her childhood home, without revealing her identity, to try to unmask the stepmother. He has few doubts: behind the fire and behind every misfortune in her life, the woman (played by Kyoka Suzuki) is said to be hiding.

Beyond Mei Nagano in the role of Anzu Murata, in the cast we find many well-known faces of Japanese cinematography: Asuka Kudo, Taishi Nakagawa, Yuri Tsunematsu, Kie Kitano, Mari Hamada, Sakurako Konishi, Michiko Kichise, Mitsuhiro Oikawa.

Directed by Yuichirō Hirakawaalready the signature of the 2016 film Erasedof the manga Rookies and the dark fantasy film The Promised Neverland.

The manga that inspired him

The one of The burning house it is not an original story. At the basis of the series there is in fact the popular japanese manga Burn the House Down (Mitarai-ke Enjo Suru), published domestically in Kiss magazine from March 2017 to April 2021.

The other Japanese series on Netflix

For some time now, Netflix has been exploring Japanese seriality.

Its point title is the sci-fi series Alice in Borderlands, in which the young university student Arisu, passionate about video games, is called to survive in a desolate Tokyo together with his friends. To do this, the boys will have to overcome several dangerous and sadistic games.

It is of a completely different tone Malanai which, at the center of the story, puts two inseparable friends. Having moved to Kyoto to pursue the dream of becoming maiko, the two decide to cultivate different passions while choosing to live together.

Gudetama: A new journey instead it is an animated series, centered on the very lazy Gudetama egg. Despite his perplexities, Gudetama decides to embark on a daring adventure together with Shakipiyo, a newborn chick, determined to find his mother.

Lovers of the horror genre will finally appreciate the anime Junji Ito Maniactwenty macabre tales-masterpieces taken from the comic nightmares of Ito, the undisputed master of J-horror.