The burning phrase that China Suárez would have said to Mauro Icardi by message came to light

Wandagate, which has China Suárez as one of its main protagonists, seems to have no end. More now that the protagonists tell their version for economic purposes. Wanda Nara was interviewed by Susana Giménez in a report that was seen by Telefe. The second part, spicier apparently, will be broadcast on the Paramount Plus platform.

For its part, the China It will premiere in a few days an interview conducted by the Argentine driver Alejandro Fantino and that can be seen on Star +. It is not a coincidence that this platform is the one that has “Alternative Therapy”, the former series of “Almost Angels” with Benjamín Vicuña.

This Wednesday, Ángel de Brito, the host of “Los Angeles de la Mañana” revealed that he spoke with Wanda Nara, who told him some intimacies of the deception he suffered. She told him that when she spoke to the China she confessed: “I was hooked and the kid (for Mauro) insisted on me.” Apparently, it was the PSG player who started by sending him “little fire” emojis through Instagram.

“‘She handed him the phone and all the time Mauro Before the meeting in Paris I made excuses for him … ‘. And when Wanda travels to Milan with her sister, she tells me that the China He writes to him and says ‘I’m traveling’ “, revealed De Brito. And added suspense:” We have not yet reached the worst message that Wanda read, a message with a picture, illustrated, before arriving in Paris … “.

Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

Then they talked about the photo that the actress would have sent him. “The photo that Wanda saw that the China He sent Mauro on a yoga bed with his legs spread apart, “he revealed. And he asked Yanina Latorre:” I had a phrase (the photo), do we say it or don’t we say it? ” The panelist nodded eagerly. “Well, what is the phrase?” The driver wanted to know. “Copy well,” the little angel asked her colleagues from other channels; and launched: “Lying down, legs open and raised, hands in the middle and yoga posture, in one of those things, he said: ‘it warms me that they finish me inside'”.