The Cap Group opens the doors of its plants and laboratories

Three appointments to find out everything about the water we drink, which we use for cooking and washing ourselves: to learn how to respect and preserve it

Three appointments to find out everything about the water we drink, which we use for cooking and washing, to learn to respect and preserve it. The Bresso-Niguarda purifier and the Salazzurra laboratory at the seaplane base open their doors to citizens and, on the occasion of World Bee Day, for the first time it will be possible to ‘touch’ the hives housed at the Bresso plant. They are the Open Day that Gruppo Cap, the green utility that manages the integrated water service of the metropolitan city of Milan, organizes at its plants.

It starts from Salazzura Research Centre, located inside the Idroscalo park in Milan. Salazzurra hosts the Cap drinking water laboratories, which analyze thousands of samples every year to guarantee the absolute safety of what comes out of the tap, but also many scientific research projects and collaborations with innovative startups. The appointment is for Wednesday 10 May, starting at 9.30.

It will then be the turn ofBresso plant: the appointment is for Wednesday 17 May, starting at 9.00, when the purifier will open its doors to citizens, students and associations to start a ‘journey’ with them to discover the secrets of the circular economy and water as a innovation, capable of directing consumption and environmental dynamics, leveraging the culture and value of the water resource.

Saturday 20 May, once again, the doors of the Bresso-Niguarda treatment plant, which in addition to cutting-edge technological systems, also houses some hives, created together with The day includes three moments to access the plant, respectively at 10.30, 11.30 and 12.00, but only the first group will be able to approach the hives, so as not to disturb the daily life cycle of the bees excessively. The event is organized in collaboration with Municipio 6 of Milan to involve all the citizens who live near the plant in initiatives and events whose common thread is inclusion, education, social cohesion and attention to the environment. It will be essential to book in advance, because the initiative is limited and open to only 40 participants.