The Chilean idiom that Pedro Pascal brought to Hollywood and makes his fans proud

Pedro Pascal is a film, television and theater actor who was born in Santiago, but became a US citizen. He has an enormous trajectory in the industry, not only in film but also in television, where he has starred in important series and, in recent times, he has become a benchmark in Hollywood. Thanks to this, he is one of the most important celebrities in our country and who has managed to succeed outside of Chile. In recent days, a scene of his in ‘The Last Of Us’ went viral where he would have said a Chilean idiom that made all his fans proud.

The 48-year-old actor was born in Santiago, but due to the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship, his family had to move from the country to Denmark, and later to the United States. In the year 1993, Peter Pascal He moved to New York and there he began to study acting, where he had some appearances such as in ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ or ‘The Wood Wife’. She also participated in the hit Netflix series like ‘Narcos’ and in ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘The Mandalorian’. Not only has she worked in series, but she has ventured into the cinema and is one of the great Latino stars in Hollywood.

Pedro Pascal is one of the most important actors in our country worldwide. Source Instagram @pascalispunk

Thanks to his charisma and his sympathy, Peter Pascal He has become one of the most beloved actors of all. The actor comes from accumulating a significant fortune after starring in the series ‘The Last Of Us’, the video game that became fiction and is a success on the HBO+ platform. In this series, the actor personifies ‘Joel Miller’ and after this project, his fortune amounts to 10 million dollars and he earns 600 thousand dollars per episode.

Pedro Pascal in ‘The Last Of Us’. Source Instagram @pascalispunk

In recent days, the last chapter of the first season of ‘The Last Of Us’ was released and fans of Peter Pascal they noticed a situation in which he would have said a Chilean idiom, which caused a furor among all his followers. In the scene, “Joel Miller” is seen escaping with the protagonist Bella Ramsey and then a phrase is heard that left everyone confused.

For many fans, Peter Pascal He said: “Chesuma…they’re screwing me…” which is a typical phrase from our country. The fragment went viral on TikTok and since it had comments in favor and supporting that phrase, there were those who argued that it was a phrase in English: “She is running.” Until the actor clarifies it, the fans will stay with that typical idiom that he used in one of the most important series of all.