The chilling prediction about Shakira that involves Gerard Piqué and his children

Singer Shakira 46-year-old tries to have a new life in Miami with her two children Milan and Sasha after the separation of Gerard Piqué. But she already received a visit from her ex a few days ago to comply with what the custody agreement says and spend 10 days a month with the children.

Now it was learned that Gerard Piqué would be interested in buying a property in Miami to use every time he visits his children and this does not like anything Shakirawho to keep him away would be thinking of living on Fisher Island, in the United States, with the children and their parents.

But now the astrologer ‘Mhoni Vidente’ revealed that Gerard Piqué is planning a strong revenge against Shakira and that this would include taking custody of Milan and Sasha away from the singer. “Legal issues are coming, the worst ones, Piqué, the father of his children, and the circle of them will sue Shakira to take away the children, because they say that she wants to start a tour and she is not mother enough for them. How sad for Shakira” said the Cuban.

Furthermore, Mhoni Vidente warned Shakira that the family of Gerard Piqué He is doing black magic and the one who commands everything is his former mother-in-law Montserrat Bernabéu. “Shakira and she has to take care of critical situations with bad vibes. The one who is buried in the pantheon is Shakira, there are fathers-in-law and mothers-in-law, holy God. Shakira unfortunately is suffering from a very strong witchcraft, which does not leave her alone, “explained the astrologer.

Shakira with her children. Source: instagram @shakiranewsitalia

Finally, Mhoni Vidente added that “The mother is putting ideas into Pique to take her children away from her, she doesn’t want the children because Clara Chía doesn’t want them. The mother-in-law is telling her to fight the children, why did she take them from Spain, they are Spanish and Shakira No”.