The Chimera, the film by Alice Rohrwacher in competition at the Cannes Film Festival 2023

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We all follow a chimera, a dream, an illusion that could be easy wealth or lost love. With grace and freedom, Alice Rohrwacher brings a film that is almost a fairy tale to Cannes competition. Between the living and the dead, between the woods and the city, following Arthur who has the gift of feeling the void and decides to help a band of grave robbers in search of Etruscan grave goods, the film, which is precisely The Chimerasees in the cast among others Josh O’Connor and Isabella Rossellini.

The words of the director

“These are very big words – explains the director – a film that unites the hereafter and the hereafter. But perhaps just by saying it, we can also add that it does so in the lightest, most playful way possible, and therefore tackles this huge issue which is what to do with our past, who we are in front of our dead, but with a lot of caciara, as they say. He does it in a very loud way, in a very ironic way”.


“Alice’s films draw on an Italian tradition of neorealism, but also Fellini, Pasolini. There are also some slightly surreal things at times, mixing professional actors with non-professional actors – says Isabella Rossellini -. But there is also another exceptional thing. Watching Alice’s films, before working with her, I thought they were a bit improvised because sometimes there are 20 people in the scene, they all talk together. Instead it’s like an orchestra, everyone learns the lines that Alice wrote and we rehearse, with a friend of hers called Tatiana, and then these collective scenes of choruses come out. And it’s true, the choruses represent the dynamic of a society and she is more interested in a group dynamic than to the psychology of a character who sees the world”.