The Classic Golden Ciak for Lifetime Achievement goes to Christian De Sica. All winners

The most beautiful season of our cinema has elected its heroes: with 240 thousand votes on ciakmagazine.itthe public assigned i Ciak d’oro 2023 to titles and protagonists of our cinematographic season. The delivery of 38th Golden clapperboard – the only, great popular award in Italian cinema voted directly by the public -a all the winners will be broadcast on Sky Tg24 Saturday 3 February at 9pm And Sunday 4 February at 9.00 pm, in two specials hosted by the director of Take Flavio Natalia and by the deputy director of Sky Tg24 Omar Schillaci. The edition was created with the collaboration of Alevi.

In nine categories by popular vote true stories taken from everyday life won and there are many new faces: like best drama film Mia, the intense film by, was chosen Ivano De Matteo on a dramatic case of plagiarism against a fifteen year old: “Mia is going around schools – said the director at the evening of Golden clapperboard and many parents thank my wife Valentina Ferlan and me for writing and making it. We are parents too, it was a duty.” There comedy the winner was Thank you guys, di Riccardo Milani, an equally intense story of a group of prisoners transformed into actors. There best direction she went to Ferzan Ozpetek for Nuovo Olimpo, a story of fatal attractions and loves not really experienced in the Italy of the 70s. And the protagonist, Damiano Gavinoand the Revelation of the yearin the section edited with Daniele Giannazzo And Ciak Generationthanks to a plebiscite (“I didn’t expect so many votes – he said on the evening of Golden clapperboard but being directed by Ozpetek is extraordinary.) Between actresses he excelled Linda Caridisurprising female protagonist of The last night of Lovethe thriller next door directed by Andrea Di Stefano which has overturned the perception of what really convinces the public to go out to the cinema. Best Actor it is by detachment Michele Riondinoalso elected Best debut directorfor its Laf buildingthe story of an abuse of power in the 1970s (“a story from yesterday to reflect on the dramatic situation of today“) in the then Ilva of Taranto, a wound always open in the conscience of the country: “Is absurd – he said at the evening of Golden clapperboardthat the people of my Taranto are forced to choose between the right to work and the right to health. We want them both respected”. And it is written and sung by a Tarantino, DiodateFor Laf buildingAlso My landthe song that dominated the category Best Original Song. Best movie poster was that of There’s still tomorrow.

Also assigned the Classic golden clapperboard career achievement: he went to Christian De Sicawho after 50 years of an amazing career in the world of comedy offered a masterful dramatic interpretation in 2023 Winter lemonsOf Caterina Caronefrom a subject of Mario Luridiana And Remo Tebaldi. AND De Sica is one of the absolute protagonists of the two episodes of the special Sky Tg24 dedicated to Golden clapperboard from the audience. Also among the guests of the two specials Barbara Ronchiwhich received the Ciak d’oro Cult-Love at first sight for his outstanding performance in Kidnapped Of Marco Bellocchio.

The prizes are in addition to the three already awarded. There overall winner of the 2023 edition is Paola Cortellesiwhich won the Golden SuperCiak – symbolic prize of the event – for the subject, the screenplay, the interpretation and the direction (in his debut) for his There’s still tomorrow. TO Matteo Garrone went the Golden clapperboard as International cinema personality of the year for the sensational international success of his I captainwho after having won the Silver Lion for directing in Venice, and having been applauded in Europe and the USA, three days after the presentation of our award on the evening of Golden clapperboardreceived the Oscar nomination as Best International Film.

The large turnout in the vote on (and in debates and discussions about Golden clapperboard on social media and on the web) is a confirmation of the great moment that the passion for cinema is experiencing. The data, in fact, is in line with that of the last edition, but this year it was only possible to vote once a day for each category, and not three as in 2022. The choice was made to protect the authority of Golden clapperboardand prevent the enthusiasm of some fans from excessively influencing the competition.
In the Audience Golden Ciak 2023 the Italian films released fromNovember 1, 2022 to the November 30, 2023 (the past ones Golden clapperboard had considered the titles until October 30 last year).

To the Golden clapperboard from the audience followed in the coming weeks by those for the best supporting actors, screenplays, producers, directors of photography and other protagonists in the so-called “technical” categories, in the opinion of a jury of 200 journalists entertainment and film critics.

Following, a summary of the winners in each category

GOLDEN SUPERCIAK 2023: Paola Cortellesi (There’s still tomorrow)
CIAK D’ORO CULT – LIGHTNING STRIKE: Barbara Ronchi (Kidnapped)
BEST COMEDY FILM: Thank you guys
BEST DIRECTOR: Ferzan Ozpetek (New Olympus)
BEST DIRECTORAL DEBUT: Michele Riondino (Laf Building)
BEST ACTRESS IN A LEADING LEAD: Linda Caridi (The last night of Love)
BEST LEADING ACTOR: Michele Riondino (Laf building)
REVELATION OF THE YEAR: Damiano Gavino (New Olympus)
BEST ORIGINAL SONG IN A MOVIE: My landwritten and performed by Diodate (Laf building)
BEST POSTER: There’s still tomorrow