The Colletta Alimentare is back, more and more people are asking for help

On November 26, the initiative of the Banco Alimentare Foundation will take place throughout Italy. “There is concern about the increase in poverty, donate groceries to those in difficulty”

More and more people are asking for help with shopping or for a meal by turning to the approximately 7,600 charitable organizations that the Banco Alimentare supports throughout Italy through the network of 21 local organizations. From the beginning of the year to today, 85,000 more requests have been received, bringing the number of people helped to 1,750,000. In this difficult economic and social moment, Banco Alimentare is also having to deal with a 45% increase in management costs between logistics, transport and electricity and a 30% drop in financial donations from companies and individuals. The appeal is therefore to participate, everyone, in the 26th National Food Collection Day, Saturday 26 November.

“We are concerned about the situation we are seeing in our country with more and more people and families who find themselves in absolute poverty or who risk slipping into it despite having a job – says Giovanni Bruno, president of the Banco Alimentare Onlus Foundation – It is therefore essential to continue to raise awareness of all those who can carry out a concrete act of help. The Colletta Alimentare is a simple educational gesture of charity, which we have been promoting for over a quarter of a century. Participating in this initiative means countering indifference and encouraging sharing, making a concrete gesture to which we are all invited. The most participated voluntary act in Italy and the first solidarity experience of this type. We therefore hope that this year too there will be a lot of solidarity”.

In about 11,000 supermarkets throughout Italy it will be possible to buy non-perishable food to donate to people in difficulty, helped by local charitable structures. Over 140,000 volunteers will invite them to buy long-life products: canned vegetables, canned tuna and meat, tomato puree or puree, oil, baby food such as baby food or powdered milk. The volunteers will wear an orange bib, the new identification color present in the Banco Alimentare logo and which will also be used for the bags provided for shopping.

In 2021, 7,000 tons of food were collected thanks to the Food Collection, the equivalent of 14 million meals (1 equivalent meal corresponds to a mix of 500 g of food based on the ‘Larn’, the reference levels of intake of nutrients and energy for the Italian population) for an economic value of over 25 million euros. From 26 November 2022, the Colletta Alimentare will also continue online. In fact, it will be possible to continue donating food on,, and For further information, it is possible to consult the website

For the second year in a row, the footballer Giorgio Chiellini is testimonial of the Colletta Alimentare, protagonist of a radio and TV spot launching the solidarity initiative created by Mate. The Food Collection, a gesture with which the Banco Alimentare Onlus Foundation adheres to the World Day of the Poor 2022 announced by Pope Francis, is made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Italian Army, the National Alpine Association, the National Bersaglieri Association, the Federation National Italian Society of San Vincenzo De Paoli ODV, the Cdo Opere Sociali and the Lions Club International.