The complete lyrics of ‘TQG’, the song that Shakira and Karol G dedicated to Piqué and Anuel AA

Shakira He has already released several songs since he separated from Gerard Piqué. ‘I congratulate you’, ‘Monotonía’ and ‘Bzrrp Session Vol. 53’ were truly hits sung all over the world. But when the native of Barranquilla announced that she would release a new song with Carol G.the excitement of the fans was doubled by hearing the lyrics of their two idols.

This February 24 at 00:00, ‘TQG’ premiered, an acronym that means ‘You were big’. In a few hours, the video clip already exceeds 5.3 million views on YouTube. In the recording, both Shakira and Carol G. they appear more than sensual throwing darts for Gerard Piqué and Anuel AA, respectively. Of course, their partners, Clara Chía Martí and Yailin La Más Viral, also received their darts.

“The one who told you that a void is filled with another person lies to you. It’s like covering a wound with makeup, you can’t see it, but you feel it. You left saying you surpassed me (Hey) and you got a new girlfriend (Girlfriend). What she doesn’t know is that you’re still watching me throughout the story (No, daddy)” she begins by saying Carol a direct allusion to the Dominican singer.

Shakira and Karol G. Source: Instagram @universalmusicpolska

In a chorus by La Bichota and her compatriot, they both sing: “Baby, what was it? Well, how swallowed you are? (-íto’) What are you doing looking for my la’o? If you know I don’t repeat mistakes (Hey, daddy). Tell your new baby that I don’t compete for men. To stop pulling, that at least I had you pretty “. Clara Chía was undoubtedly the most targeted by Shakira. The interpreter of ‘Monotonía’ continues against Piqué: “Seeing you with the new one hurt me (It hurt). But I’m already set for mine. I forgot what we lived through and that’s what has offended you. That even life It improved me, you’re no longer welcome here. I saw what your girlfriend threw at me. That’s not even angry, I laugh, I laugh.”

So much Shakira as Carol G. They make it clear that this is the end of spite and that they are ready for something better: “I don’t have time for what I don’t contribute, I already changed my north. Making money as a sport. Filling the account, the shows, the parking and the passport. ‘I’m tougher say the reports'”. Again, they insist on the return by their exes: “Now you want to come back, it shows, mmm, yes. ‘Stop me there, I’m an idiot. You forgot that I’m in another one.’ “And that La Bichota was great for you” sentenced the artist from Medellín.

“You left and I got triple M: ​​hotter, tougher, more level” she sings Shakira and Carol He follows it with: “Go back to you never, you were the bad luck, because now the blessings rain down on me.” They both close by singing: “And you want to go back, I already supposed it
liking my photo”. Milan and Sasha’s mother chants: “You looking for food outside, you saying it was monotony
And now you want to come back, I already supposed it by liking my photos (my photos)”. Carol It concludes with a hint for Anuel AA and Yailin: “You see yourself with your new life but if she knew that you were still looking for me.”