The conductor asked Rai for ‘sorry’ for what happened

The beloved presenter asked Rai for ‘sorry’ for what happened: this is what he said.

With the end of the summer and the beginning of September all the broadcasts that usually air during the year began. A few months ago there was the presentation of the rai and mediaset schedules and we had heard of the many news that the networks had in store for us. The new seasons have begun a few days ago, although not for all programs.

Asked rai sorry (credits: instagram)

There was the return of Domenica In with Mara Venier who also unveiled the new theme song for the format, sung by Franco Ricciardi and Andrea Sannino. The new edition of Live Life has begun, Today is another day, Afternoon Five, Morning Five, Verissimo started with a double date on Saturday 17 September and Tu si que vales, while on Sunday Amici. On the 19th there was the first episode of the seventh edition of Big Brother Vip. A few days ago the press conference was held to present the new program of the beloved conductor.

While he was about to explain and tell the beautiful experience lived with the latest format he had the helm of, he ‘apologized’ to Rai for what happened.

The conductor apologized to Rai for what happened: this is what he said

During the press conference to present his new program, the beloved presenter also talked about what happened with his latest format conducted. In recent years we have often seen him at the helm of broadcasts, even in prime time. However, it would seem that a program conducted in the previous season has achieved good ratings but not as high as hoped.

Alessandro Cattelan previously conducted Da Grande. Apparently, this was a real bet for the rai that broadcast it in prime time. The ratings of the format, however, despite having managed to attract viewers, have not reached the numbers that were thought to do. The conductor in the new 2022-2023 season has the helm of a new program, titled Tonight there is Cattelan. The latter, however, does not air in prime time but is broadcast in the late evening. In the press conference to present the new format, Alessandro also spoke about the previous broadcast, in fact, Da Grande, and somehow he ‘apologized’ for not having reached very high ratings, as reported by the Twitter site You will chirp.

conductor apologized
Conductor apologized (credits: instagram)

In his speech he said that when you try to do things you are also making mistakes, that when you grow up it was a great experience that you would do again: “Compared to the numbers I was used to, I have tripled the numbers. If Rai went bankrupt through my fault, I apologize “, he said. Cattelan went on to say that after the network he made Eurovision successfully and he was there too: “But this thing is less talked about than Da Grande”, he has declared. These are the words of the conductor.