The controversial photo of China Suárez and Benjamín Vicuña that shows that they could get back together

A rumor has recently been unleashed about a possible crisis or separation between Rusherking and the china suarez. As a result of this, the famous Juariu Instagram account was in charge of investigating and discovering a possible rapprochement between the actress and her ex-partner, Benjamin Vicuna.

A curious Instagram user asked about the whereabouts of the Rusherking caps, leading to speculation about a possible rift between rusherking and China Suárez. Juariu, known for investigating celebrity rumors, compared two photos and noted that China Suárez and Benjamin Vicuna they could have been in the same place at the same time, suggesting a possible rapprochement between the two.

The suspicions. Source: Instagram @juariu.

On the other hand, Benjamin Vicuna posted an image on Instagram of a sign offering “love spells” and “guaranteed spiritual works with taro and snails.” Some have speculated that this could be a hint at her ex-partners, including China Suárez. A seer explained that these rituals are used to unite two people who have feelings of love or affection for each other, but if there is no such feeling, the spell will not work.

How had the relationship between them ended?

Despite Benjamin Vicuna and China Suárez officially announced their separation some time after it had happened, in show business there had been speculation for a long time about the problems they were going through in their relationship. According to La Pavada, the clash of personalities between them was one of the main reasons for the crisis, because the actress would have a more stormy character that did not agree with the way Vicuña lived the situations.

It was also mentioned that the couple had their breathers and that it was not easy to live together, so to say that they were in crisis was to put a fixed photo that did not reflect their daily life. In addition, there was a conflict regarding the construction of his huge house, which was generating disagreements due to its high cost and the obligation to vicuna to pay alimony to Pampita for their children in common.