The controversial stuffed animal of the daughter of China Suárez and Benjamín Vicuña that alerted everyone

Eugenia “The China Suarez” He received many comments on his social networks for the particular stuffed animal that Magnolia, the daughter of the actress and Benjamín Vicuña, has. Many users were alarmed and alerted China Suárez that this particular doll is diabolical.

Last weekend, the ex of Benjamin Vicuna, He posted some photos enjoying the summer with his daughter. There you can see both very happy but what caught the most attention was Magnolia’s stuffed animal. That with a slightly gloomy appearance due to his large, long smile and his sharp teeth, he pretends to be quite terrifying.

The doll in question is called “Huggy Wuggy”, pink, with an “animal print” suit, has a particular smile, full of pointed teeth that has given some the chills. The post was filled with likes and comments from his followers. While some noticed the beauty of both, others took it upon themselves to question Magnolia’s choice of stuffed animal, and even warned her about some possible “dangers”.

What is the reason to think badly of Magnolia’s toy?

“Huggy Wuggy” He is the protagonist of a video game known as Ploppy Playtime, this game is intended for adolescents, and it is not that the drawing has any negative connotation in the plot of the game, but it is true that the image of the stuffed animal has been used in dangerous challenges of social networks that have claimed lives, such as the “Whale Challenge” or the “Blackout Challenge”.

Therefore, some speak of some kind of curse of the stuffed animal and others mention that it rather advocates some particular behaviors of adolescents without being careful in networks. The china suarez For now, he has not expressed himself in this regard.