The Crown 6, the trailer for the new season of the Netflix TV series

There’s very little left until the film’s debut on the small screen sixth season Of The Crown which will be broadcast, as is known, divided into two parts, with the first episodes available from November 16th streaming on Netflix, also visible on Sky Q, Sky Glass and Now.
These are referred to by new trailerover two minutes of edited images that catapult viewers in 1997more precisely, inLady Diana’s last summermarked by carefree days and terrible moments that decided the fate of the English crown forever.

The trailer dedicated to Debicki/Lady Diana

Elizabeth Debicki is the absolute protagonist of the new clip released by Netflix to give substance to the countdown to the arrival of The Crown 6the final season of the world-famous show created by Peter Morgan.
Spectators are anxiously waiting for the final lines of the television saga on the British royal family which has shed new light on a story that everyone knows and that a good part of the public has experienced firsthand. Curiosity is a lot, in this phase of the narrative, now contemporarydedicated to the very delicate chapter of disappearance from the Princess Diana Spenceran episode that will be told without showing violent or bloody details.
Although much has been written, declared and anticipated about season number six, the images in the trailer still have a certain effect as they focus on the internal conflict of Carlo’s ex-wife afflicted by presence of the pressincreasingly pressing and interested in his private life.
Everyone is worried about what Diana does, from the Queen, played by Imelda Staunton, to her young children. Tears, silences and emotions overlap in the trailer until the madness of trip to Paris which the princess performs together with Dodi Al-Fayed (actor Khalid Abdalla). The images flow to the tune of an even more cadenced version of Mad World, the cult song by Tears for Fears. It all culminates in the vision of Balmoral with the castle lights coming on one after the other on the night the Windsors received the news. The rest is history. A story to retrace once again.

In the last part there is space for Queen Elizabeth II

Before the release of the trailer for the first part, Netflix had released a further one poster of season six of the show dedicated to Queen Elizabeth IIor rather, at three television versions who were part of the show.
Peter Morgan confirmed in a recent interview that he had to review the ending that he had always imagined for The Crown after the death of the sovereign in September 2022. The finale of the series it was rewritten in light of the facts of the story but the screenwriters of The Crown they didn’t miss the opportunity to add even stronger emotions to this farewell. The series will stop chronologically to 2005 but in the last episodes the idea of ​​the Queen’s disappearance will be tangible. The last episodes will air starting December 14th.