“The Crown” memorabilia up for auction, Boris Johnson wants the door to No. 10 Downing Street

LONDON -All over the world there are politicians attached to the infamous chair. However, the United Kingdom is the only country to have a former prime minister fond of… the door. Not just any one, of course, but the iconic one at number 10 Downing Street, residence of the head of the British government

Costumes and props from “The Crown” series up for auction

According to rumors reported by the tabloid The Sun, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson would like to win the copy of the door used by the successful series The Crown at auction. Now that the production is finished, all the major costumes and props will be auctioned off at an auction organized by Bonham and which will take place in London in February.

A £30,000 door

According to those in the know, Johnson, although having to bear the costs of two divorces and eight children, and therefore always looking for new income to support his extended family, would have no hesitations in purchasing the bulky object, which has a base auction price of 30 thousand pounds, over 34 thousand euros.

Resignation due to scandals

The former prime minister was the tenant of “Number ten” from December 2019 to September 2022, when he was forced to abandon the role of head of government and of the conservative party due to numerous scandals (first of all the so-called “partygate” that had characterized his administration). If he comes into possession of the copy of the famous black door, the only thing left to figure out is where he will put it.