The CSR Giro d’Italia starts again from Rome, 10 stages to ‘Challenge the contradictions’

The purpose of the first appointment, entitled ‘Sustainability: when value is created for stakeholders’, will be to delve deeper into the role of stakeholders in the construction of a sustainability project

The CSR Giro d’Italia, the traveling event of the CSR and social innovation exhibition, starts again with the 2024 edition, always with the aim of enhancing the concrete experiences of businesses and territories, promoting the culture of sustainability and stimulate virtuous emulation. This year too, there will be ten stages scheduled, in ten Italian cities, to offer local experts and organizations the opportunity to discuss and delve deeper into issues relating to sustainable development. The first stop will be in Rome, on 14 February 2024, at the Lumsa University in via Porta Castello 44. This will be followed by Turin, Gorizia, Teramo, Verona, Messina, Genoa, Bologna, Bari and Cagliari.

The purpose of the first appointment, entitled ‘Sustainability: when value is created for stakeholders’, will be to delve deeper into the role of stakeholders in the construction of a sustainability project, with a 360-degree vision that includes both the point of view of companies, non-profit organizations and consumers. An increasingly complex and therefore crucial system of relationships, as Rossella Sobrero, of the group promoting the Show, explains.

“We must be aware that complexity brings with it many contradictions which must be understood before being resolved – he clarifies – Recognizing these contradictions can also improve the relationship with stakeholders in a logic of comparison and exchange with the aim of being able to build shared solutions”. The theme of contradictions, the focal point of the 2024 edition of the Show which has chosen ‘Challenging Contradictions’ as its title, will therefore be central from the first stage of the Giro, organized in collaboration with Lumsa University and Anima per il Social in Corporate Values .

“Sustainability is a process of transformation of the economy not without critical issues and contradictions – comments Francesco Bonini, Rector of Lumsa University – To create truly shared value it is necessary to recover the ethical and value dimension. Training is essential to encourage a correct approach to these issues.” For Anima per il social in corporate values, the president Sabrina Florio will speak on stage. “With enthusiasm and conviction we renew the more than ten-year partnership with the CSR Exhibition,” she comments. “The Roman event represents an important opportunity for local businesses to update and reflect. The current context characterized by complexity and contradictions requires our companies to seek the tools to renew their vitality and ability to look to the future with confidence in the virtuous relationship with stakeholders”.

The appointment with the first stage of the Giro is February 14th at 9.30 in the Jubilee room of the Lumsa University of Rome, via di Porta Castello 44. After the opening greetings from Francesco Bonini, rector of the Lumsa University, from Sabrina Florio, president of Anima for the social in corporate values ​​and Rossella Sobrero, of the Group promoting Il Salone della CSR, a first intervention on the scenario is planned with Luigino Bruni, Economist and historian of economic thought from Lumsa University. At 10.15, focus on the environment with Gennaro Iasevoli, vice-rector for Research and Internationalization of Lumsa University, Benedetta Flammini, director of Marketing and Communication of WWF Italia and Rossella Bozzini, External Relations & Sustainability Aeroporti di Roma.

Following, the second panel dedicated to social issues with Simonetta Giordani, general secretary of Civita, Mara Bucciarelli, Head of Risk Management and Integrated Reporting at Poste Italiane and Roberto Ziliani, president of Slamp. At 11.45 it will be the turn of the debate on the role of consumers, with Filippo Giordano, member of the Scientific Committee of the CSR Exhibition and full professor of Business Economics at Lumsa University, Biagio Oppi, director of External Communication Pfizer Italia, Federico Cavallo, Head of Public Affairs&Communication of Altroconsumo and Francesco Garufi, Chief Commercial Director Mt Caffè Borbone. The conclusions will be left to Giovanni Ferri, director of Master Management of Sustainable Development of Lumsa Master School.