The Curse, everything you need to know about the new series with Emma Stone

The Curse was released a few days ago on Paramount+ (also visible on Sky Glass and Sky Q) and is already bewitching lovers of horror, the paranormal and masterpieces of the genre, Rosemary’s Baby primarily.
Written by Nathan Fielder and Benny Safdie, it is a ten-episode television series about a couple of house flippers from New Mexico who are trying to have a child but will have to face a terrible curse. Fielder is also the director and also plays the male lead.
The series, co-produced by Showtime and A24, debuted in Italy on November 11 on Paramount+. The cast includes Oscar winner Emma Stone, Nathan Fielder and Benny Safdie in the lead roles, joined by Barkhad Abdi, Corbin Bernsen and Constance Shulman.
Emma Stone also executive produces alongside Dave McCary and Ali Herting via their production company Fruit Tree.
Josh Safdie also serves as an executive producer with his production company Elara.

The show is also available in the UK, Australia, Latin America, South Korea, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
The world premiere at the New York Film Festival took place on October 12, 2023 and already then this TV series had caused a lot of talk, leaving viewers speechless. On the occasion of the New York event, a screening of the first three episodes was held.

You can watch the trailer of The Curse in the video you find at the bottom of this article.

The creators are those of highly acclaimed comedy series and films

Nathan Fielder created and starred in two of the most acclaimed comedy series of the last decade: Nathan for You And The Rehearsal.

Benny Safdie, together with his brother Josh, directed very interesting films, films that Alan Sepinwell defines in the American edition of Rolling Stone as “some of the most profoundly uncomfortable films of recent years,” and he specifically mentions Rough diamonds. The union of the forces of these two geniuses of the small and big screen, Fielder and Safdie, can only lead to great things, as indeed they are proving to be great to anyone who has already enjoyed The Curse.

Fielder, director and creator of the series, plays Asher Seigel

Nathan Fielder created the series, directed it and is also part of the cast. He plays Asher Seigel, who, along with his wife Whitney (Emma Stone), runs a New Mexico real estate development company.
This company is very attentive to environmental and ethical sustainability, with particular attention to ecology and respect for local cultures. During the filming of a pilot for a reality show produced by Dougie (Safdie), Asher’s old acquaintance (they have known and hated each other since childhood), the cracks in Asher and Whitney’s marriage will emerge.
Meanwhile, Asher offends the daughter of Abshir (Barkhad Abdi), a man who illegally occupies a Seigel property. At that point the offended girl will launch a curse at Asher, who will begin to believe that her life has really been cursed in some way.

Lots of intelligent material on gentrification and cultural appropriation

The Curse it’s a very intelligent, interesting, non-trivial, insightful and must-see series.
As Sepinwell points out above RS, “there’s also a lot of intelligent material on gentrification, cultural appropriation, and all the challenges of trying to live ethically.” And this is how Whitney’s climate-neutral “passive houses” turn out to be imperfect and suffocating, just like the Seigels’ marriage.

An innovative television series

It is an innovative series that explores how a supposed curse disrupts the relationship of a newly married couple who is trying to conceive a child. If the crisis between the two is already palpable, the fact of working together and sharing a new program dedicated to home renovation certainly doesn’t help things.

The series stars Emma Stone (La LaLand, The Favourite), Fielder (The Rehearsal) and Safdie (Oppenheimer). Guest stars include Oscar nominee Barkhad Abdi, Emmy nominee Corbin Bernsen and Constance Shulman.

You can watch the trailer below The Curse.