The Curse, the teaser and what to know about the TV series with Emma Stone

Increase curiosity about The Cursethe new A24 television series, after the release of teaser trailer in addition to the first images published online a few days ago.
In the clip, short and quite mysterious, there is a glimpse of the dynamics between the two protagonistsEmma Stone And Nathan Fielderwho play a recently married couple struggling with life as two and as one strange curse which complicates things. Here’s what we know about the streaming show from November 11th on Paramount+ and also visible on Sky Q, Sky Glass and via the app on Now Smart Stick.

The plot and previews in the teaser

Putting out fires with the sun: what does it mean? There are more questions than answers after watching the short teaser of The Cursea comedy that is preparing to debut this winter on Showtime in the United States and on Paramount+ in Italy.
The Cursemade by the production company of the Oscar-winning film Everything Everywhere All At Once and designed and written by Nathan Fielder and Benny Safdieboth also among the main characters of the cast, explores the facets of a series of very contemporary themes, relationships, family, racism, capitalism and other deeply felt issues in American society and beyond, through a man and a woman together in life and in their profession, which already from the previews seem to have quite a few problems.
Asher and Whitney Siegel, Fielder and Stone, respectively, are husband and wife busy shooting a Reality show which is based on house renovation in an ecological sense to be resold to residents of Española, New Mexico. The two, who are recently married and are trying to start a family, are convinced that they are victims of a curse that affects all aspects of their lives.
We will see some beautiful ones, therefore, given the singularity of the theme and the cut of the product, current and irreverent, which parodies the shows of house renovations of this kind Home & Garden TV.
The teaser shows the two protagonists intent on filming their reality show and forced to repeat the lines of a scene twice.

The cast led by Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder

The first to see The Curse will be the spectators of the sixty-first edition of New York Film Festivalan event chosen for a special one preview of the first three episodes of the new show with Emma Stoneconsidered one of the performers of the moment thanks to her role in Poor ThingsPoor creatures!, film winner of the Golden Lion at the 2023 Venice Film Festival.
Among other main characters, Benny Safdiewho plays the reality TV producer struggling with his own demons, the Oscar nominee Barkhad Abdi, Constance Shulman and Emmy nominee Corbin Bernsen. Emma Stone also serves as co-executive producer, Nathan Fielder directed the episodes along with David and Nathan Zellner.