The Dall-e viral image generator becomes accessible to everyone

OpenAi has decided to make available the image generator previously usable by invitation only

Finally the most famous Dall-e artificial intelligence image generator has become available to all internet users. By registering you will get 50 free credits, to be used for the first 30 days, and subsequently 15 credits per month. You can add 115 credits by paying $ 15. Each credit corresponds to a change made on the program. Dall-e’s artificial intelligence is able to process images simply based on the user’s textual indications. The images always generated on the basis of the indications provided can then in the processing take the features of a realistic photo, oil paintings, pencil drawings. The more specific you are, the more precisely the system reacts. “The response from users and artists inspired us to create new features like Outpainting. We have improved our security systems, in recent months, we have strengthened the filters to reject attempts to generate content that is sexual, violent or that violates our content policies. We have created new detection and response techniques to stop misuse, ”writes OpenAi.