The daughter of Marco Antonio Solís captivated the network in a minidress

The daughters of the Mexican singer Marco Antonio Solis They were presented at Fashion Week in New York. From September 9 to 14, the best known as “New York Fashion Week” takes place. In this new edition, the Spring Summer 2023 collections are presented and it lasts for eight days.

Both daughters of the interpreter of “If you had not gone” were part of the famous event. Let us remember that both have performed in recent years in the world of music. allison He published the photos of his look along with the text: “Do things that make you feel uncomfortable.”

The singer wore a bright red minidress with white ankle boots. For her part, marla, chose a long white dress with a bow at the waist. “I want to be where you are” she wrote in her post, probably dedicated to her sister. Their mother was full of praise for the girls.

Alison Solis. Source: Instagram @alisonsolis_

For its part, Marco Antonio Solis is on a tour of Latin America. The next show will be in Resistencia, Chaco, the Argentine province. “It fills me with emotion to know that very soon I will be with my little brothers from Central and South America who always have a warm and affectionate welcome for a server when I meet them,” wrote the artist on his networks.

Alison Solis. Source: Instagram @alisonsolis_

“Very soon #QuéGanasDeVerte #WorldTour arrives in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay and Chile. Over there we will see each other to sing to love together!” ad Mark Antony. In Chile it will be on October 27 and 28 at the Movistar Arena. The most requested tickets were the front row ones with a price of 161,000 pesos and the platinum ones at 92,000 pesos. The cheapest have a value of 40,250 and 23,000 pesos.

Alison and Marla Solis. Source: Instagram @maroficial