The delicate state of health of Anuel AA was confirmed, which keeps him from his career

The urban music universe was shaken on October 8 with the revelation of Anuel AA, who shared a disturbing message from a hospital, without specifying the details of his emergency surgery. His words reflected the seriousness of the situation: “I had emergency surgery last night, only God knows why things happened, it was a matter of life or death, I can’t continue working right now. Thank God I’m alive”. This news generated a wave of concern and solidarity among his followers, who remain anxious for his well-being.

In an act of honesty, Anuel AA He also apologized to his fans for the delay in the release of his next EP. He acknowledged the obstacles he has faced in his personal and professional life and the ambition of his new project backed by a solid team. Despite the additional wait it entails, the singer is willing to accept it if it is part of God’s plan to overcome his challenges.

The impact of his health situation became evident when he was forced to cancel his next awards appearance. Rolling Stone, scheduled for October 26, which increased concern among his followers and the music industry in general. In addition, through her Instagram, a statement was issued to ask the media to avoid spreading false news about the health of Anuel AA and keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Anuel AA in his recent Instagram post. Source: Instagram @anuel

Uncertainty surrounds the exact nature of the disease. Anuel AA, since the information has been kept private. Meanwhile, his fans and the music industry eagerly await updates on his recovery and return to the stage, sending him messages of support at this delicate time. Urban music longs for the day when his idol returns triumphant, ready to once again captivate his followers with his talent and passion.

Press Release: Anuel AA Cancels His Participation in the Rolling Stone Awards. Source: Instagram @anuel

Urban music longs for the day when its idol returns triumphant, ready to captivate its followers again with its talent and passion. Throughout his career, Anuel AA has demonstrated remarkable strength, overcoming both personal and professional challenges. As she recovers, her story continues to be a source of inspiration to many, reminding us that even the most successful artists face difficult times. The musical community is eager to see him shine again on stage and listen to his new creations, hoping that his recovery will be prompt and successful.