The delicate state of health of Bruce Willis that few expected

Bruce Willis, known for his iconic roles in film and television, has been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, news that has shocked his fans around the world. Although it was already known about his deterioration in the health, few had details about his real condition. It was a close friend who shared the shocking news that the actor, once known for his eloquence and passion for reading, has lost the ability to speak and read.

Glenn Gordon Caroncreator of the series “Luz de Luna”, where Willis He achieved fame playing Detective David Addison Jr., offered an interview to The Post in which he revealed the sad situation. Caron reported that he can no longer communicate verbally with Willis, which adds heartbreaking nuance to the news.

Bruce Willis today. Source: Instagram @brucewillisbw

Caron also shared the excitement of Willis for the availability of “Luz de Luna” on a streaming platform in the United States. Despite his inability to express it verbally, his friend noticed that Bruce I was excited by this news.

The creator of the series explained that, due to the progressive nature of the disease from Bruce, was able to communicate with him before he lost the ability to speak. Faced with this difficult situation, Caron strives to maintain contact with his wife. Willis and his three oldest daughters, seeking to remain present in his friend’s life.

Bruce Willis with his family. Source: Instagram @brucewillisbw

Caron expressed his admiration for Willis’ strength and joie de vivre, despite the disease. He stated that Bruce he loved living fully each day, and watching him face this new reality is heartbreaking. Although Willis is still recognizable as the person he always was, his language skills and love of reading have disappeared, which has changed his life significantly. Despite these circumstances, his friend Caron highlights her admiration and gratitude for having him close to him, even when the joy of life has been affected by the disease.