The delicate state of health of Paty Maldonado

The opinionologist and panelist patty maldonado He is one of the most controversial figures of the local show business but now he is in the news due to his delicate state of health. In the last broadcast of the “Las Indomables” program, she commented that for letting herself be and not taking care of herself, she now has to undergo surgery.

“Forgive me for speaking a little weird like that, but tomorrow I have a slightly delicate operation. I’m going to be a bit complicated. Nothing serious, it’s a matter with a tooth that I let myself be with and the shit was left…” he commented patty maldonado and turned on the alerts.

In consultation with his colleagues patty maldonado He explained: “Tomorrow I am going to do this operation and I am going to tell you something: it happened to me. It was irresponsible on my part. A treatment that I had had broke and I said ‘I’ll go tomorrow’ and I let myself be… three months”.

“And what happened? That the root is hurting the bone and therefore tomorrow I have to intervene. As an imbecile I am more scared than the cres… ”, ended patty maldonado who a few days ago publicly destroyed Cecilia Bolocco for the cosmetic surgeries she has undergone.

Patty Maldonado. Source: Terra archive

“The things that the Bolocco has done… thank goodness that nothing has been done -as she assured-, because if something were done it would be worse. Because, really, the botox that is being applied is horrendous. It is laminated. It is a laminated face”, shot patty maldonado a few days ago and surely the former Miss Universe is already thinking of charging them.