The delicate state of health of William Mebarak, Shakira’s father

Colombian singer Shakira He is preparing to move to Miami, but first he seeks to move his father, William Mebarak, from Barcelona, ​​where he currently resides, to the United States to undergo a delicate operation. The singer’s 91-year-old father underwent neurological surgery cancellation in early February in Spain, which has led Shakira to seek solutions to improve her father’s health.

Shakira is reportedly looking for a medicalized plane or air ambulance to transport her father to Florida, where he will undergo the operation. Apparently, the doctors william mbarak in Spain they were not willing to operate on him due to his fragile health, which has led Shakira and her family to seek solutions in Miami. As could be seen on Instagram, Shakira takes advantage of every second with her father.

The singer has been close to her father throughout, and has described her father as her “hero.” Shakira He has celebrated his father’s 91 years through social networks and has highlighted his resilience and limitless love. The rush to move to Florida is also reportedly related to his father’s health, as he needs an operation to recover.

Although the doctors in Barcelona are not too happy with William entering the operating room, his family has decided to take the risks of making such a long trip and try their luck in Miami. The parents of ShakiraWilliam and Nidia del Carmen Ripoll, will travel to Miami two weeks after the singer, accompanied by a medical team on the flight.

Subsequently, william mbarak he would enter a hospital in Miami where he would be cared for by doctors who have been treating him remotely for months. These are difficult moments for Shakira but of course she is knowing how to face it.