The designer Mary Quant died, she invented the miniskirt: she was 93 years old

The family: “”Died peacefully at her home in Surrey”

The designer Mary Quant, considered the mother of the miniskirt and pioneer of 1960s fashion, has died: she was 93 years old. To announce it, she reads on the BBC about her, her family: “she passed away peacefully this morning in her home in Surrey, in the United Kingdom”. She calling her “one of the most internationally recognized fashion designers of the 20th century and an outstanding innovator”.

Mary Quant was one of the most influential figures on the 1960s fashion scene and is credited with making fashion accessible to the masses with her elegant, streamlined and vibrant designs. Born in South East London on 11 February 1930, she was the daughter of two Welsh teachers.

The budding designer was apprenticed to a milliner before producing her own clothes and in 1955 opened Bazaar, a boutique on Chelsea’s Kings Road. Her forward-thinking and creative talent quickly made a unique contribution to British fashion.

Reflecting on the first 20 years of her career at the launch of an exhibition dedicated to her, he said: ‘It was wonderfully emotional and, despite the frantic and hard work, we had so much fun. We didn’t realize that what we were creating was pioneering, we were just too busy enjoying every opportunity and embracing the results before rushing to the next challenge.”