The desperate request of Marité Matus to her followers for a complicated moment of health

The model and influencer Marité Matus 35 years old is one of the most followed women on social media for her beauty and talent. the ex of Arturo vidal His fans fall in love with the type of content that he uploads to his social networks in front of his more than 700,000 followers from all over the world.

Marité Matus She is also a benchmark for fashion and trends due to her style of clothing that many want to imitate online and because she owns a well-worked figure as a result of her perseverance with physical exercise and good nutrition. She also shows on Instagram postcards of her travels and moments of her with her family.

Marité Matus is aware of the power of social networks and now the ex of Arturo vidal He took advantage of his popularity to make a particular request for his niece’s state of health. The blonde shared a photo of a girl dressed as a Disney character and asked for prayers.

The request of Marité Matus. Source: instagram @mariteematus

“Dear followers, right now I need all that love that I have always received from you and that you transform it into prayer. For all those believers we are going through a very hard family moment, I need you to send us all the strength and love for the recovery of my niece”, commented Marité Matus.

The request of Marité Matus. Source: instagram @mariteematus

“Faith moves mountains and we will all make it together, may my girl be in your prayers, today we need it more than ever,” he concluded. Marité Matus and then I clarify that her name is Josefa Gatica. Immediately the fandom of the ex of Arturo vidal He was present with good energy.