The difficult moment of Francisco Kaminski and Carla Jara after the loss of their pregnancy

TV host, Francis Kaminskihe was invited to the TVN program “Buenas Noches a Todos”, where he spoke openly about his wife’s latest pregnancy loss Carla Jara and the complications she has faced in her fight for motherhood.

emotional pain

Kaminski explained that it has not been a single loss, but several, and that emotion plays an important role in the process, “like being put on the swing and then thrown from above, and the curve has been bigger each time”. He also stressed that “obviously the woman suffers much more” and that therefore it is important to be respectful of her pain.

Despite his difficult situation, Kaminski feels a responsibility to maintain hope in his family, “I feel that I have a role in my family in which I have to continue fighting, showing that life goes on, that it has other sweets, nuances and things “.

The last loss and its consequences

The harshest confession came at the end of the interview, when Kaminski revealed that in the latest loss, “his wife’s last[fallopian]tube had to be removed,” meaning that “now she has no chance of get pregnant naturally.

When asked if they are going to continue their fight to be parents, Kaminski replied that it is too recent to make a decision and that they should be cautious and take their time.

A surprisingly strong woman

Kaminski spoke highly of his wife’s strength, despite the difficult circumstances she has faced, “for my taste she has been a surprisingly strong woman, because there have been losses with operations and wards.”

During the interview, Kaminski shared his experience and emotions surrounding his wife’s motherhood struggle, and the impact it has had on his life and family.