The director of Novella 2000: “World betrayals at Qatar 2022”

Alessi: ”Croatian model Ivana knoll the woman most courted by players”

In Qatar go on stage i ”global betrayals”. So the director of ‘Novel 2000’ Robert Alessi defines what happened behind the scenes of the locker rooms of two national football teams competing at the World Cup in Qatar. Gossip that has held sway in recent days and that have distracted attention for a moment from the controversy over the choice of holding this World Cup in a country that violates human rights. ”Beyond what comes out in the newspapers at the World Cup in Qatar there is the right one hypocrisy that they know how to use very well where it is done but not said”, he says.

”The problems of what happens in the field are now managed by the communication offices – explains Alessi – The Serbian national team had to dryly deny and label as ‘fake news’ the alleged betrayal that for some there was and which took place in the hotel that hosted the team in Qatar. At the center of the scandal involving the Serbian national team, the alleged hot night between the Juventus centre-forward Dusan Vlahović and Ana, the wife of the second goalkeeper of the Serbia, Predrag Rajkovic. ”For some this would have been the reason for the exclusion of the Juventus forward – continues the director of ‘Novella 2000’ – also because on social media Vlahović had declared that he was ready to throw himself into the match against Cameroon. The two protagonists of this scandal deny it in the most complete way but the attention of the media on this story has been very high”.

”The same thing also happened in the team of Belgium – continues Alessi – because it seems that there were moments of tension during the team’s retreat. According to what was leaked by a ‘mole’, ancient grievances between the midfielder would have re-emerged Kevin DeBruyne and the goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois because De Bruyne’s ex-girlfriend’s name is Caroline Lijnen in the past it had betrayed precisely with Courtois and it seems that in Qatar the disagreements between the two have re-emerged. In the meantime – continues the director of Novella 2000 – it seems that the woman
courted by the players is the
Croatian model Ivana Knoll
who saw fit to go to the stadium in Croatian colors to cheer on his team. It is said that they tried to block her because she introduced herself hyper sexy, says she has a week of ‘natural’ bra even if it doesn’t seem true to me – she jokes – Knoll arrived at the stadium in a skimpy, very tight and very low-cut dress and with her head covered by a red and white checkered hood. The model – she adds – wanted to give her contribution in favor of the liberalization of customs in Qatar by going dressed hyper provocative and it seems that despite facing the various media emirs they said: ‘how awful’, in the end someone invited her and the worst thing – concludes Alesso ironically – is that she seems to have declined”.

(by Alisa Toaff)