The director of Sky Sport Ferri: “I’ll tell you about our Christmas between great live shows and exciting series”

This Christmas too, the great Sky sport will return as a protagonist on screens in Italian homes. More than 300 hours of live events and 6 appointments with original productions, on TV and streaming on Now.

“A tradition that has lasted for many years, at least twenty”. Federico Ferri, managing director of Sky Sport, tells Adnkronos about the programming dedicated by the platform during the Christmas holidays. Lots of appointments. “Starting with the more traditional ones, such as the NBA’s Christmas Day which this year will see the exciting challenge between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers. And then, again, the Premier League’s Boxing Day. While in Italy, always in Boxing Day, the teams from Serie A, Serie B and C will compete on the pitch.” It will be a very rich Christmas. But there won’t just be basketball and football for Sky subscribers. “We will also have tennis, which will return from 31 December to the red clay of Brisbane: it will be the first tournament we will follow with the return of Rafa Nadal.”

Then the original productions Sky Original and Sky Sport. Series that tell, in a cinematic, emotional and compelling way, the stories and lives of the most iconic champions who made sport great in our country. “They are stories that create the epic. They speak of the heart, of the passion combined with strength”, underlines Ferri. And there will be many stories this year. “We start from Giorgio Porrà’s series dedicated to Gianluca Vialli. And then a three-episode documentary on Lazio’s legendary ’74 scudetto. And, again, an incredible sports story like that of the great champion Ivan Ljubičić, number three in the world in tennis and Roger Federer’s coach. Then there will be the traditional Christmas appointment with Paolo Di Canio and the story of Ribot, the unbeatable Italian galloping thoroughbred. Stories made to give Sky users the best Christmas possible.”

December is time to take stock. What year was 2023 for Sky Sports? “Memorable. Because we had the privilege of experiencing incredible emotions. We cannot determine what will happen in the events. Of course, we can tell them as best we can, putting passion, heart, competence and technology into them. But you certainly can’t know how they will end. And this “We were lucky this year”, says Ferri. He gives one very recent example: Jannik Sinner’s triumph at the Davis Cup. “I believe that this season will go down in history for Italian tennis. And then it was a year of Champions League and memorable cups, with three Italian teams in the final.” Things went badly in Istanbul. “But we still experienced an incredible journey worth telling.” The summer of 2023 was dotted with great sporting successes for our country. “With important events, such as the athletics and swimming world championships. Volleyball also gave us great emotions, both in the men’s and women’s fields. In short, it was a great Italian summer, that’s what we called it.”

2024 has an important and highly anticipated event planned. “It will mark Italy’s return to a great summer event, because we will be at the European Championship again. Sky is lucky enough to broadcast all the matches. With Spalletti’s team we will live this adventure, after the disappointment of not having participated in the World Cup , defending the title won by Mancini’s team in 2021.” But the wait is also for the European Cups. “They will change the format, in my opinion for the better: more games, bigger challenges, more competitiveness.” And then, of course, tennis again, after the brilliant season just gone by. “A very strong Italian team, not only with Sinner. In my opinion, Berrettini will also try a relaunch which, in my opinion, is possible.”

The director of Sky Sport does not forget engines, with emotions on two and four wheels. “We will follow Bagnaia, who will try an extraordinary trio of world titles after winning two titles. And then Formula One, with the race to relaunch Verstappen, who seems unbeatable.” In short, there will be a lot to experience and talk about for the next season. “Yes, 2024 will still be a year of great sport.” (by Marco Di Vincenzo)