The distressing moment that Dr. Polo lived in Case Closed

Lawyer and television presenter Anna Maria Polo 64 years old was at the head of the successful program ‘Case closed’ for at least two decades. Although he is not currently on the air with any production, I already told his fans on social networks that he is working on something new.

The truth is that fans of Anna Maria Polo remember every episode of ‘Case closed’ this program of the Telemundo network that was dedicated to solving intimate and family problems for people with the cunning and knowledge of the lawyer who on more than one occasion left them a lesson in life as well as a solution.

What many remember on social networks is the day when Anna Maria Polo he was kidnapped live in the middle of his show. This happened in 2018 and while the patient was focused on trying to solve a case, the defendant took advantage of a distraction by the guards and took her hostage.

Anna Maria Polo far from staying calm, she tried to defend herself from her captor and gave him some pushes and blows but after a few minutes she realized that this was not working and she began a slow and calm dialogue with the man who had her as a prey.

Anna Maria Polo. Source: Terra archive.

After a few minutes, Anna Maria Polo She was released and the man came to his senses, but no one took that bad moment away from the lawyer who asked the channel and the production of her program ‘Case closed’ to beef up security with more guards while he was doing his job.