The Dolce&Gabbana lifestyle conquers Miami, Haute Couture parades in the ‘Magic City’

“Miami has always been in our hearts.”

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana tell us about it at the Metropol in Viale Piave, before flying to Florida.

“It represents our values, our way of seeing life, the family, but also femininity. Miami was a choice born almost by chance and linked to a series of circumstances, first of all Miami Art Week and Design Miami, even if what fascinates us most about this city is its irrepressible vitality. Such a stimulating atmosphere prompted us to transform what initially should have been a small event into four days during which we present High Jewellery, High Tailoring, High Fashion and Home and let’s party, in a word the Italian lifestyle according to Dolce&Gabbana. What interests us most today – the two stylists are keen to underline – is not just a dress, but the idea that the dress lives in a house, in a context. You no longer buy a dress just to go out, but also to stay at home, for yourself, to enjoy a beautiful evening with friends or family. In short, it is about the love of dressing”.

So does dressing become a sort of creative act? “Of course because it is the person himself with his own taste who decides the lifestyle”, replies Stefano Gabbana.


Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana bring their Haute Couture and Haute Couture to one of the most iconic locations in Miami: the Surf Club, which since it opened its doors on New Year’s Eve in 1930 has become synonymous with history, glamor and uniqueness. A place that over the years has hosted personalities such as Winston Churchill, who loved painting the ocean waves from his “cabana”, to Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, the Duchess of Windsor, Tennessee Williams, Joan Crawford and the Shah of Persia.

Haute Couture represents a dream, to create unique clothes for a unique woman.

Uniqueness has guided the choice of materials, all rigorously Italian, and of the tailoring processes, entirely handmade by the best workers, such as embroidery, applications and then impeccable cuts, refined volumes, movement, the three-dimensional, almost sculptural effect.

“The one we are presenting in Miami is a very feminine, very sexy woman, very much in the classic Dolce&Gabbana way we say”, the stylists explain to us. “The man, on the other hand, is extremely elegant. We were inspired by the 20s and 30s, the years in which the Surf Club was founded. We really liked to tell the beautiful, pure elegance of those years”.


The iconic High Jewelery creations are exhibited at the Miami Design District Fair.

“We personally designed the set-up with the idea of ​​enhancing the talent of Italian goldsmith masters, who not only forge our jewels with their hands, but also hand down ancient traditions and knowledge”, explain the two stylists.

It is a project conceived to tell the value of craftsmanship as a means to ennoble human talent, a celebration of the great skill of the masters of art involved in the creation of these treasures, a journey through the excellence of Made in Italy.

The goal is to show the high Italian craftsmanship.

“We have built a sort of large jewelery shop”, explains Domenico Dolce, “and we bring six goldsmiths, six geniuses of the handmade to tell us how our jewels are made”.

Model makers, engravers, engravers, cashiers, engravers, creators of unique creations, because every exemplary represents a small universe of creativity, in which the invention of forms is always accompanied by the rediscovery of strictly Italian ancient artisan techniques.

The perfection of every jewel comes from a vision, from a dream that becomes reality thanks to the skilled hands of these goldsmiths.

Each jewel celebrates beauty, art and knowledge.


One of the most prestigious international destinations dedicated to luxury design, art and furniture hosts the new Casa Dolce&Gabbana collection.

“More than a small shop, we are opening an entire building where we tell our vision of furniture just as if they were large apartments”, explains Domenico Dolce.

We are inside the Luxury Living Group store, 2,700 square meters entirely customized to house the large Dolce&Gabbana home, refined materials and refined planning tell the story of Made in Italy without creative limits.

The debut in Miami of Dolce&Gabbana Casa is accompanied by the preview presentation of two new themes of the Collection, DG Logo and Oro 24k, which join Sicilian Carretto, Blu Mediterraneo, Leopardo and Zebra.

In particular, the 24k Gold theme pays homage to the opulence of the Baroque and its eccentric and refined shapes, which come to life in the precious fabrics and in the smooth or hammered surfaces of the furnishings of the new line.

“For the first time, as an experiment, we are presenting furniture in 24-karat gold and telling about our lifestyle”.

To close these four days of events a party at the Hotel Cardozo. A tribute by Gloria and Emilio Estefan to the two stylists, longtime friends. A party to celebrate the Dolce&Gabbana lifestyle and the conquest of Miami.