The Draghi-trade union meeting is over. Asked for urgent interventions, the government proposes tables

Summit lasted an hour and a half. The leader of the CISL Sbarra explained that the government is committed to a structured and permanent dialogue with the social partners and that there will be “a new decree in support of wages, pensions and families”. Asked “to extend the measures implemented in recent months “and” a gap in the budget “. Landini (CGIL):” To date there are no results. The novelty has been the availability in terms of method, we are waiting for the contents. “Bombardieri (Uil):” Act now on emergencies “

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The expected meeting between Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the trade unions lasted about an hour and a half. The government is committed to a structured and permanent dialogue with the social partners, said CISL leader Luigi Sbarra at the end of the meeting. “To date there are no results. The novelty was the availability on the level of the method, on the contents we are waiting ”, said the leader of the CGIL Maurizio Landini. Uil leader Pierpaolo Bombardieri: “Resume the confrontation on open and not closed tables”. From what has emerged, the government has proposed to the trade unions to open tables on the tax wedge, the fight against job insecurity and the minimum wage, starting from the proposal of the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando. These tables are expected to open from 23 July. The unions asked for urgent interventions by July and the budget deviation by December.

Sbarra: “A positive encounter”

Sbarra spoke of “a positive, potentially decisive meeting”. “The government – he explained – shared our approach” also “to govern emergencies”. “We want to discuss tax cuts”, added Sbarra, arguing that on all the issues addressed are open to discussion by the government. The executive “expects to deliberate before the summer break” for “wages, pensions and household income”, he said again. There will be, then explained Sbarra, “a new decree in support of wages, pensions and families”. “The Prime Minister – said the CISL leader – does not exclude the possibility of a social pact, which looks at Pnrr, on industrial and environmental policy “. The next meeting between the government and the unions, Sbarra anticipated, should take place between 26 and 27 July. The CISL leader explained that the unions have” asked the government to extend measures implemented in recent months: the cut on fuel excise duties, widening the discounts on the bill, evaluating the extension of the 200 euros by recovering those excluded from the provision (temporary workers, self-employed, seasonal workers who have been removed from the Aid Decree) “. In addition, they called for “a budget shift” to finance new measures “by the end of the year”. Among the possible sources of financing, the unions mentioned the extra-profits of energy companies and the higher VAT collections linked to inflation.

Landini: “To date there are no results”

After the meeting, Maurizio Landini, leader of the CGIL, also spoke. “There have been no numbers. We stopped at issues such as the defense of purchasing power, precariousness, the minimum wage. At the moment we have no answers. To date there are no results. We reiterated that we must act and we cannot wait for the Budget Law, “he said. He added that he appreciated the listening meeting and that what the government is putting in place at the end of the month will be evaluated. “Today the novelty was the availability on the level of the method, on the contents we are waiting”, explained Landini.

Bombers: “Resume confrontation on unclosed tables”

“We reminded the Prime Minister that there are emergencies: wages, pensions and precarious work. If we were to talk about tables there are some, which are open and no longer closed, that is work, tax reform, welfare reform and pensions. At those tables we asked to resume the discussion “, commented the leader of Uil Pierpaolo Bombardieri. And he added: “On the emergency bills, wages and pensions we asked the government to intervene immediately. We cannot wait for the maneuver and therefore interventions that go into effect in January 2023. We need to de-tax the contractual increases and second-level bargaining. and increase the net payroll “. “It’s time to put an end to the bonuses, we need structural interventions,” Bombardieri said again.

The meeting between government and trade unions

The meeting on the issues of work and welfare took place at Palazzo Chigi. Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the general secretaries of CGIL, CISL and UIL, Maurizio Landini, Luigi Sbarra and Pierpaolo Bombardieri were present. Also present were four ministers: the owner of Labor Andrea Orlando (Pd), that of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti (Lega), of Pa Renato Brunetta (FI) and of Agricultural Policies Stefano Patuanelli (M5s). The economy minister Daniele Franco, who is in Brussels, is absent.