The Dragon of Vaia destroyed by flames, hypothesis of arson

The symbolic work was created by the sculptor Marco Martalar on Alpe Cimbra, with the scraps of wood from the trees felled by the 2018 storm

The Dragon of Vaia, the symbolic work created by the Roana sculptor Marco Martalar in Magrè di Lavarone, on Alpe Cimbra, with the wood scraps of the trees felled by the Vaia storm in 2018 was destroyed by fire during the night The police are investigating the fire, almost certainly arson.

“How miserable must be those who destroy a work-symbol like this Dragon. An immense work, which lasted months, creating the largest wooden dragon in the world, 6 meters high and 7 meters long, with 3,000 screws and 2,000 scraps of shrubs to make it. To those who destroyed it, I say only one thing: be ashamed”, wrote the president of the Veneto Region Luca Zaia on Facebook.

Isacco Corradi, mayor of Lavarone, on social media says he hopes that “what happened was a mistake however stupid and not a deliberate act”. “The result doesn’t change but morally I would feel calmer in knowing that there aren’t people walking around Lavarone capable of making such a beautiful thing disappear. We will be stronger than stupidity and we won’t get caught up in anger, rancor”, he writes in a post reporting the fundraising campaign to restart the project: