The drama of the former GF Vip: his now ex-girlfriend has to do with it

The lived drama of the former GF Vip: he told it in an interview talking about his ex girlfriend.

In recent years we have carefully followed the Big Brother Vip. At the beginning, you will remember, the protagonists were not famous people who, thanks to the reality show, managed to acquire great popularity. For example, we can mention Luca Argentero who was part of the third edition of the program.

Ex Gf vip (credits: mediaset play)

After the experience his life has completely changed and today he is one of the most loved actors ever. Over time, however, the reality show has undergone a strong change and in recent years the Nip version has been put aside. In the version in which famous people participate, such as actors, conductors, comedians, journalists and so on, we have seen many VIPs arrive that we have followed closely. Someone had put aside the TV and came back to be seen, others were at the beginning of their careers and someone also did it for a matter of earnings.

After the GF Vip, usually during the journey we grow fond, we continue to follow them, trying to understand how their television future is proceeding or following them on social networks. In a previous interview with Il corriere della sera, a beloved actor who was part of the fourth edition of the reality show, he recounted the ‘drama’ he felt: it concerns his ex-girlfriend.

The ‘drama’ of the former GF Vip: it concerns his ex girlfriend, what he said

Since Big Brother Vip made its debut on the small screen, we have seen many well-known personalities pass through that house. A character who was part of the fourth edition released an interview some time ago in which he told the reason that led him to accept to participate in the reality show but also revealed his sentimental situation.

Fabio Testi that we have seen in the program as a competitor, opened at Il corriere della sera. The actor explained that he accepted the proposal over a question of money. He said the production paid him well and therefore he couldn’t help but accept. Over the years he has made a name for himself and has worked hard to establish himself and carry it forward. During the interview he also talked about his love life of him. He explained that he had been in a relationship with a girl younger than him but was left behind.

ex gf vip girlfriend
Short story about the ex (ctedits: youtube)

The ex-girlfriend, apparently, left him to get back with her ex, as young as she is. When he released these statements, dating back to several months ago, he also revealed that he had started dating another woman. It’s kind of a loving friendship and they’ve been seeing each other for a while, she said. The actor not only spoke of participation in the GF Vip but also of this private fact of his life, without any problem.