The drama of the Neapolitan comedian: no one knew this sad ‘side’ of his

The famous and beloved Neapolitan comedian told the drama he experienced: no one knew this sad side of his life, what happened.

It is much loved, yet not everyone – indeed, most likely, very few – knew the lived drama. To tell it, most likely for the first time ever, it was the person directly interested in the new TV program of which he is one of its undisputed protagonists.

Neapolitan comic drama. Credits: Instagram

It is by no means the first time that a TV personality has completely naked in front of the spotlight or during some interviews. It happened, for example, to a beloved TV presenter, who recently told of having fallen into depression and having found comfort only with his wife, and a famous Neapolitan comedian.

Theater and film actor, the beloved Neapolitan is currently on the air with a new Rai Due program. It is precisely during the first episode of the broadcast that, for the first time ever, the comedian told about the drama he experienced several years ago. “I had a not indifferent jolt”, explained the TV face to the cameras of the program. It is, as we can clearly understand, an open-hearted confession, which has left everyone stunned.

The Neapolitan comedian tells his drama: a thrilling tale

We usually see him on social media or on TV always with the joke ready, ready to entertain his large audience, but it would seem that even the Neapolitan comedian – as well as Gianni Morandi – experienced a dark period. All this, according to what we learn from the story made in front of the cameras of the program in which he is taking part, can be traced back to the beginning of his career when the work, unfortunately, was completely different from now. “At the time it didn’t get much gear”, has explained.

He is currently a very successful comedian and actor, but making a name for himself in this world would seem like it was no small thing at all. This is confirmed by the story told in front of the cameras of Nudi per la vita, the Rai Due program conducted by Mara Maionchi and Marcello Sacchetta. Along with many other faces of the show, Francesco Paolantoni also took part in this first edition. And, precisely for the debut episode of the program, he let himself go to the story of his drama of the past. “My sister had gone away with her daughters, I stayed home alone. Between the ages of 20 and 22, my life was turned upside down “, has explained. She also said that she had lived for several years without the main utilities because she did not have the financial resources to pay for them. To save him from this dark period, it was the irony, but also the immense skill demonstrated over the years. “The irony I’ve always had saved me”, he concluded.

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Francesco Paolantoni. Credits: Instagram

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