The drastic decision of Angélica Castro on Cristián de la Fuente, more than a month after the controversial video

actor’s life Christian of the Source 48-year-old changed forever since a video was leaked in which he is seen kissing another woman who is not his wife Angelica Castro, in a restaurant in Mexico City. Although the artist tried to explain the fact by saying that he had taken too much and that the woman pounced on him, the tension grew in his family.

Just now, Christian of the Source managed to reconcile with her daughter Laura and posted photos of them together on social media, but things with Angelica Castro They are not going well at all and apparently the actress has not yet been able to forgive him. At the moment, she is enjoying a vacation alone.

It was the journalist Hugo Valencia on the program ‘Zona de estrellas’ who gave more details in this regard and said that Angelica Castro no longer want to live with Christian of the Source. “She can’t keep ripping off Cristián every weekend because she comes (to Chile) to be with her daughter,” Valencia said.

In turn, Hugo Valencia added: “The disagreement between the two has reached such a point, after the leak of the video, that Angelica Castro I would have asked Christian of the Source that she take advantage of these weekends that he is here and she is not, to take all her things out of the house they share in Vichuquén”.

Angelica Castro. Source: instagram @angelicacastro_

“This shows that we are facing a crisis that is a little more definitive than many believe. The attitude of Angelicathe last time, of not wanting to share with him and of not interceding on his behalf with Laura”, Hugo Valencia closed and made it clear that Christian of the Source You should be prepared for a divorce.