The dress makes the queen, but Camilla prefers jeans to ‘Barbie pink’ dresses

At court – as we know – protocol requires heavy sacrifices, especially when in public

If it were up to her alone, Camilla would wear a pair of jeans all day and every now and then she would eat a nice bag of fish & chips, perhaps by the sea. But at court – as we know – protocol requires heavy sacrifices, especially when in public. In fact, it seems that it took Charles’ wife at least a year to accept dressing like a queen and that she only took fashion ‘seriously’ when she and Charles became a couple. For the rest, claims royal biographer Angela Levin, it is no secret that Camilla never liked formal clothes and that she instead had a predilection for casual ones.

But if the dress doesn’t make the nun, it certainly makes the queen: in fact, the ‘Barbie pink’ and ‘deep blue’ dresses shown during the official visit to France were perfect for her role. “Camilla – underlines Levin – dressed with the right (and very careful) ‘theatrical’ touch that her position requires of her: she looked ‘regal'”. It took the sovereign an entire year to develop her image, consider the various requests that would be made of her and then dress appropriately. Although, the expert points out, she “seems more happy to amaze with headdresses, enormous hats with feathers that hardly go unnoticed”.

But, far from the gazes of royalty and subjects, and from ceremonies and official banquets, where there is certainly no shortage of the finest food, Camilla remains the simple person who still prefers jeans and old-fashioned country clothes. As well as unprocessed dishes. According to her son Tom Parker Bowles, an esteemed writer and food critic, her mother actually prefers common toast with beans and the traditional fish and chips, an unbeatable ‘comfort food’ against the sacrifices imposed by Buckingham Palace.