The emotional video that Galilea, the granddaughter of José Luis "the Puma" Rodríguez dedicated to Lila Morillo

The health of the Venezuelan artist Lilac Morillo 81 years old, has been in the media spotlight in recent times. A week ago she appeared at a show with her two daughters Liliana and Lilibeth in the city of Miami, where they have been living for a long time and she was seen with some difficulties in her mobility.

Immediately Lilac Morillo It became a topic of conversation on social networks and the video of his presentation went viral, worrying fans. But yesterday her eldest daughter, Liliana Rodriguez Morillo posted a video on her Instagram account where she stated that her mother is perfectly fine.

Among other things, Liliana Rodriguez Morillo said that “Nobody knows when Lila Morillo is going to say ‘I’ll get there’, only God knows that, but as long as the public continues to want coconut water to drink and as long as the body endures, there is Lila for a while. How ugly that the media spread false news without confirming it first”.

The Morillo. Source: instagram @lilianarodriguez.atododar

In the same video, Liliana Rodríguez Morillo showed her mother Lila Morillo at the end and she was happy and without mobility problems. But now her granddaughter, Galilea Lopez Morillo who is also Liliana’s daughter joined the family release and published an emotional video on social networks where she accumulates millions of followers.

“The distance really makes the heart grow more fond. I may or may not have cried making this clip, appreciating these moments now more than ever… My family is healthy, happy and united. Moments like these are what make me keep going. Thank God!”, wrote the only granddaughter of Lilac Morillo that he has no dialogue with Puma Rodríguez along with a compilation of images in which his grandmother, his mother and his aunt Lilibeth are seen sharing daily life.